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dimanche 21 mars 2010

Fan forums explained to my mother, by Takeshi Kaneshiro

Message from TK's diary assistant :
Yes, we could only find official photos (Taiwan's ID photo format for the new biometric passports I guess) and they are not very flattering. That woman is as beautiful as her son... So Madam, please send us some better photos to publish here !
By the way, your nail art is really cool. You look like a rock star !

I told her : "My dear Mum, you are too stup... er, you have a so nice nail varnish that it would be a shame to scratch it on a computer, so ask the neighbour's ugly brat, mmm, I meant that, the lovely Little Toto. He can do the computer stuff for you."

Then she called Toto.

So Little Toto, listen, it's very easy :
Step 1 : click here STK
Step 2 : you see this banner

And an ad, and under it's written : Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register )
Let's click on Register
Step 3 : Let's fill in the form
Please choose a Username Cixi
Please choose a Password takeshi
Please re-enter your password takeshi
Please enter your email address cixi@taipei.kom
Please re-enter your password cixi@taipei.kom

So you understand Toto ? the same... the same...
Step 4 : under it's written I agree and there is a square.
You click in the square. And you click on Submit my registration

Step 5 : Go back home or you will be late for dinner... Tomorrow, an e-mail will arrive at the address cixi@taipei.kom.
Step 6 : It is tomorrow, I open the e-mail and I click on the link... that's it ! I can read inside the forum and post messages... oh they are all so nice inside...

-So Toto, do you have a question ?
-Yes. Why do we have to do all that ?
-They want to be sure it is Mrs Cixi that is applying as a member. They don't want an old uncle like me to read and post bad taste jokes there...
-So it's like a private club for well mannered fans ?
-Exactly, Toto ! You're so smart ! If the little pigs don't eat you, you'll have a bright future. How old are you ?
-3 years old.
-But Mrs Cixi said you were 5...
-She confuses me with my sister Lala.
-So you're 3 and you understand... so it's easy...
Mum, when you want to know something about me, call Toto, he will browse STK to find the information !

And Toto was given a chocolate filled mooncake.
Another reason is a forum has a minimum of rules. It is moderated and stupid members that post false rumors as if they were true will be scolded and asked to stop. Unlike some blogs that can just invent stuff, like :

a nice blog, but they know nothing...
a really meanie one
one that dreams informations
other rumor collectors ?

You cannot be sure they say the truth...you can't even be sure that it is not true.

So go to check on STK

I really like you, but ask you local Little Toto to help you with the computer if you don't understand something... or post a "I need help comment".
PLEASE : don't take "Cixi" as your nickname, it's only for my Mum.
And don't use her e-mail adress, please don't. Get one for you.
Yes, you can use Takeshi as password. That's OK !

vendredi 26 février 2010

New Armani Collection with Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi's twitter

We did the shootings for the new winter collection.... I had no time to wash my hair...

Giorgio said that was OK... could even smoke.

Yeah, I kept the clothes. This time, it's wearable.

Yes man, Giorgio's stuff is often cool. But last season, needed a tutorial for the pants.

Emporio Armani pants don't make you pretty ? Really guys ? It's not the fault of the pants, it's yours...

If you were as slender and sexy as Takeshi Kaneshiro, Giorgio Armani's 2010 Spring collection would look like that on you !

To view full photos go on STK or fly to Hong-Kong, whichever is more convenient for you.

Well, there is another trick. You need a little technique to wrap your Armani diapers :

This is not our dear Takeshi. He did not demonstrate. So please, Mr Kaneshiro make a "how to dress" photo series and send them here... you can also make an "how to undress Takeshi" series and send to me by private mail, I'll keep the last ones and reverse the first part to illustrate here.
wrap 1wrap2wrap3wrap4
The wrapping photos are from that amazing online shop that sells yoga pants... They really have cool stuff... but... but... What ? Now you need clothes for yoga ? You can no longer do that in your birthday suit ?

See you on Takeshi Kaneshiro's nice fansite . There they don't show you the photos without the head. LOL

samedi 23 janvier 2010

What is Takeshi Kaneshiro reading now ?

Surely his favorite fans' forum with members from many different countries chatting in English, Spanish... sometimes even Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French...

The rumor says the administrator is receiving private mails from a certain Takeshi...

Last week on STK :

Every week, they have new information about Takeshi on the forum SimplyTK. For instance, this week, articles from the magazines Acteur and Cinema Square :
Cinema Square :Cinema Square Acteur :Simply TK Kaneshiro Takeshi articles translations photos forum
Then, they dug out a nice vintage, the Taiwanese magazine U".High-school student Takeshi Kaneshiro was scouted to appear in a TV commercial. Later, he was proposed several modeling jobs. After a while, he left Taipei American School to become a full time artist...
Here is a very old photo. If you want to see more , go to see the best data base about Takeshi Kaneshiro Forum SimplyTK.

For instance, this week...

In the multimedia thread (that proposes lots of videos of interviews, aeroport arrivals, PR events...), there is something new to see about the mythical film "Chungking Express" from Wong Kar Wai.That's very important, as that film made Takeshi Kaneshiro choose the career of full-time actor. Before, he was a cop that tries to pick up girls in bars...


Then fans are reseeing and discussing, 1992 music videos of Takeshi with Charlie, featuring Takeshi getting wet on the beach. WET TAKESHI ! Oh la la !

SimplyTK for more wet Takeshi photos and videos....

Next week.... oh, register and go to check yourself and be part of it !

mardi 19 janvier 2010

XFiles : Takeshi Kaneshiro the Martian

That guy definitely has super-natural powers...

Apollon ?
His looks are not human. What did you say ? You see other guys like that in the street... I believe you, please PM me your address imediatly.
Sometimes we even wonder if Takeshi is a man or a woman

E.T. ?
STK forum has a couple of interviews in which Takeshi himself suggests he has been abudcted by aliens, that a bad old Takeshi was replaced by a newer version... also in an interview about Sandra Ng, he talks about friends visiting from other planets. Read English translation of that interview.
Then a book title "Takeshi Kaneshiro the alien" has been published in China. Check books about Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Peter Pan ?
Mr Kaneshiro can fly... that too he said a few times in interviews and he demonstrated in films. Well that could be stunts... or not.

Dorian Grey ?
He never seems to grow old. People that worked with him for cosmetic commercials admit it. You should check the making off of Biotherm CMs (click here).

Same age. Same age... So caloric restriction would work ? OK, but which way ?

Ghost ?
Paparazzi never seem to see him, he doesn't seem to have a private life, not even a life when he is not working. Weird. As if he had the power to make himself invisible to cameras, like a ghost. Note that he was never seen in the same room as Patrick Swayze, so... Is a shinigami a ghost ?

Astroboy ?
On Hollywood Hates Me, they wonder if he is not an android.
" Takeshi Kaneshiro.
Why he could be an android: He speaks four languages … fluently. He is an actor and a model. He does a great action scene and a pretty good romance scene. Obviously, these traits were programmed into him.
Why he’s actually not an android: Because only the hand of the Almighty could create something that beautiful. (Man’s prettier than a sunset, is what I’m saying."

Well, who said the Almighty couldn't make androids ? Isn't that a hobby like another for a divinity ? Even super-Kaneshiro spends his free time designing feminine curves for video game character like Onimusha's Kaede.

Little Prince ?
Takeshi Kaneshiro has been seen many times having conversations with animals, often dogs or pigs... as if he was getting answers from them, communicating in their languages. You can read about the interview with a cute lady dog whose first love was Kaneshiro Takeshi. Eh ?

Well look at his films : Fallen Angels, Angel, Flying Daggers, K-20, Returner, the Death Ripper... and he played Samanosuke a game character, Zhuge Liang a textbook character...

jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Perhaps Love ? Kaneshiro Takeshi love rumor ?

Kaneshiro Takeshi Chinese movie Perhaps Love
Interviews in Chinese...translated into English.
Directors Peter Ho-Sun Chan (Peter Chan) explains his movie, Chinese cinema, relations with actors Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sandra Ng, Zhou Xun... Read more

Injustice ?
Many film festivals red carpet honor, awards in Golden Horse, Hong-Kong but not for Kaneshiro Takeshi's outstanding actor performance...

The film was submitted by Hong Kong as its official entry for the 2006 Academy Awards. It closed the Venice Film Festival in 2005.

[edit] 25th Hong Kong Film Awards
Won: Best Actress (Zhou Xun)
Won: Best Art Direction (Chung Man Yee, Pater Wong)
Won: Best Cinematography (Peter Pau)
Won: Best Costume & Makeup Design (Chung Man Yee, Dora Ng)
Won: Best Original Film Score (Peter Kam, Leon Ko)
Won: Best Original Film Song (Peter Kam, Jacky Cheung)
Nominated: Best Picture
Nominated: Best Director (Peter Chan)
Nominated: Best Film Editing (Wenders Li, Chi-Leung Kwong)
Nominated: Best Screenplay (Oi Wah Lam, Raymond To)
Nominated: Best Sound Design (Kinson Tsang)
[edit] 43rd Golden Horse Awards
Won: Best Actress (Zhou Xun)
Won: Best Cinematography (Peter Pau)
Won: Best Director (Peter Chan)
Won: Best Original Film Song (Leon Ko)
Nominated: Best Film
Nominated: Best Action Choreography (Wei Tung, Farah Khan)
Nominated: Best Art Direction (Chung Man Yee, Pater Wong)
Nominated: Best Film Editing (Wenders Li, Chi-Leung Kwong)
Nominated: Best Makeup & Costume Design (Chung Man Yee)
Nominated: Best Original Film Score (Peter Kam, Leon Ko)
Nominated: Best Sound Effects (Kinson Tsang)
Nominated: Best Visual Effects (Siu Lun Ho, Pornpol Sakarin)

Read more about Takeshi Kaneshiro and movie awards

Asia's fashion icon : Takeshi

Once upon a time a Taiwanese teenager, called Jincheng Wu was modeling for casual clothes...Mr. Kaneshiro Takeshi, thanks so much for making us giggle about past Taiwanese teenager fashion !

elegant Asian star model Takeshi
How did he jump from there to Armani, and others ?

A few years later, a fashion king-maker called Miuccia Prada noticed the young Takeshi Kaneshiro massaging a pig in Fallen Angels... and she created the mythic "Takeshi Kaneshiro in Prada". He made a lasting impression. That's why...

After that, Takeshi's style was definitely not Uniqlo. Well, I say that, I say nothing, because when he is not working, he is as lovely as usual but...eh, eh, eh. if you want to see scruffy TK photos.... read more.